Monday, September 16, 2013

Looking for Love

I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve written. With heat, travel, and work training has lagged. I am back on track with my training schedule; the time off has helped.  One thing I did during this break was see some movies. Without further adieu, I bring you a one-off MOVIE REVIEW….

SAG-AFTRA recently had their evening of short films.  One hundred sixty (160) films were submitted for consideration to participate in this prestigious night, but only 6 were selected. The story-telling style and genres varied, and while each film was meritorious, Texas spoke the most to me.

It is a hybrid genre (rom-com, family drama, coming-of-age) with a show-down scene as good as “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” Writer-Director, Matt Johnson’s logline reads, "A cowboy meets his estranged wife on the Texas/Oklahoma border and tries to win her back. One problem...neither will cross state lines!" From experience crafting and writing films, Texas crosses and blends story-telling styles… Can people come-of-age in their 50s?  After watching Texas , your answer will be YES! In his short film, Matt explores what makes relationships tick and why they may go awry and if is it possible to get that love back. He does this all in 20 minutes! You don’t feel a need to ask more questions about what happens to the couple— Matt lays all the answers out for you. Like many good love stories, there is a happy ending, but the path to get there is exciting to watch.

Aside from a flash back, the film takes place in one location: at the Texas/Oklahoma border. Some filmmakers may shy away from making a bold choice like this, but you never find yourself saying, “I wish there would be a new location.” You keep asking yourself, “Who will cross the border first- Denny or Doris Ray?” The cheeky humor moved the story along and while a less-skilled director would have made the dialogue heavy film a series of talking-heads Matt and his team use space and distance to help tell the story, highlighting the emotional distance between this estranged couple.

It’s a no wonder why the team is traveling to so many film festivals.
The Vancouver International Film Festival and the Louisville International Film Festival are two upcoming festivals that invited them to participate. I’m sure more good things are headed to the team. I’m hoping the film screens locally again so I can be part of this love story. If it’s in one of your local festivals, you should see it too. It’s not simply about the Texas/Oklahoma rivalry, it’s about something we can all relate to: The search for love.

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