Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick Thoughts on Fueling During a Long Run

Have to run out, but more to come later today….

This morning my running group gathered at our normal spot to do whatever long run we had on our schedule. While I didn’t run a great distance, today’s run reminded me about the importance of fueling…. Fueling the days before your run and then during your run.  I didn’t skimp on dinner or my pre-run breakfast, but where I fell short and forgot what I had learned during my first marathon training regimen- eat while you run. I fond that I LOVE the Clif shot blocks, but figured that I could just leave them at home. Boy, was I sorry. Just short of mile 5, my muscles were aching for the potassium and nutrients the blocks provided. My running partner and I didn’t want to admit we were fatigued and walk. We just buckled down… reminded ourselves we would never run without fuel again and we pushed on. 

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