Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Unconventional Workout DVD...

A week without much running, and still I need another nap during my lunch break.  It’s getting a little warm in Los Angeles to be sleeping in my car, but with the windows rolled down, it’s rather cozy.

Still lacking in energy to run, but with the steady realization I need to increase by abdominal strength, after I got home from work, I popped in the Perfect Pregnancy Workout DVD.  It involved a lot more stretching than I expected. I know the stretching will keep me loose and is also an important part of log-term health. Many of the moves were similar to Mat Pilates classes I’ve taken.

There was one move where I was REALLY concentrating to keep my balance and my sweet little kitty made a noise that I had never heard. His pupils filled his eyes, and then he attacked me… (claws and teeth, the works). You may want to put your kitty, dog, etc away if you try this DVD. While the moves seem simple it’s a great workout. **Remember to concentrate on breathe and core.** As you get adept at a level, there’s a way to modify the workout to make more difficult.

I will keep this is my repertoire but despite fatigue, I cannot skimp on my runs. I know the runs will be tough because not only am I coming off an injury (aka brain surgery), I’m basically coming back from taking the winter off.  I need to keep reminding myself that it’s ok to be slow, just get the miles in... Speed will come. I spoke with my neurologist a couple days ago, and she said I need more sleep but can and should keep running.  So running and this DVD it is. So, I just need to stick to my plan and remember it may be awhile before I can run 20+ miles a week like I was doing one month before surgery. I need to keep plugging away  and just be healthy and sensible about my fitness goals.

Tomorrow is Friday and the night before my long run...  Pasta Dinner and Salad is on the menu.

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